Punkin' (left) and Apple (right)

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​Meet our two equines: The donkeys Apple and Punkin'

Apple was a Bureau of Land Management donkey who came to us in 1994. He acted as our “shepherd” or guardian, keeping wildlife away, for several years until, in 2002, the last of the original sheep passed away of old age.

When it became obvious that Apple was lonely we took in Punkin’, at that time age 3 years, from another rescue. The two young donkeys bonded quickly. At the time of writing (November 2017) the two have been together 16 years and are now aged 24 years (Apple) and 19 years (Punkin’)

The two now share their 3.5-acre, fenced, tree shaded home with two sheep, Abigale, our elderly grand dame aged 11, and Cowboy, a big lamb, aged 3. Both were  destined for slaughter when CCR stepped in.

The two donkeys are fed a diet of Bermuda and or Timothy grass hay and supplemented with timothy/alfalfa pellets.  In the summer there are grasses and weeds and other rapidly growing greens for them to feast on.

The two donkey kids have a small shelter, open on three sides, to feed them under when raining, but we would like to build a sturdier, larger, shed type barn to keep them dry and warm as well as fed. Cost $1500-2000 for a 8X8 or 8X10 shed like the one below.


CCR is looking to get a shed like the one above...8X8' or 8X10' for the donkeys to eat in and get out of inclement weather

Cochise Canine Rescue is located in Southern AZ. We adopt throughout the sate of AZ.