MAX: Max is a wonderful 4 year old boy we believe to be a Yellow Lab X Pharoah Hound (similar to greyhound)  mix. We took him in as a pup, but soon found out he had Valley Fever. He was treated and has been retested a few times. He has been clear of the disease for a few years. 
Max is ready for his forever home.

Max is somewhat dog-selective and we think he would be best in a home where he is an only dog and there is someone home all or most of the time, as he craves love and attention. 
As a sight-hound, he can run FAST if he gets out,  
so a good tall fence is a necessity.  But Max is a couch potato. He will go out and chase squirrels and such, but prefers to be indoors as he is a laid back boy.

Max is partially dog-door trained. He goes OUT but will only stick his head in and whine to be let in the door. We are not sure why this is...?

He will need to be worked with on a harness as he is not used to being walked in town.

We have made sure that, like all our dogs, Max is spoiled. 
He loves getting treats.

Max is up to date with shots, micro chipped and neutered.




THELMA and her PUPPIES - Thelma and her four babies were rescued from Pinal county pound. We believe the babies were born on New Years Day 2017. The puppies are estimated to be 15 lbs or less full grown.

​Thelma was on the street for a while, possibly abused, and is a bit skittish. She will need a patient and kind person to work with her.

Thelma and her babies are in foster care PLEASE CALL MAGGIE at 602-451-3312 to get more information and/or meet these dogs!

Puppy 1 is not longer available so her picture has been removed.

Puppy 2 is a girl with very long legs. She is outgoing and loved to be petted. ALthough she will be tall, she will not exceed 15 lbs.

Puppy 3 is a girl. She is the first to do everything and the most outspoken. I little pistol!!!

Puppy 4 is the only boy. He is a chunky little one who loves to be held. Definitely a follower!





ADI:It has been a year since CCR took in Adi who found herself on the euthanasia list at 8 months of age. 

She had a seriously broken and neglected leg which had to be amputated. Adi healed quickly and now, out of any pain or discomfort, is a happy, 
active dog. 

Her best friend is Henry (below) who she plays with constantly. Since both are Cattle Dogs, their energy level is high! But having three legs do not slow her down in the least!!!
The ideal forever home for Adi would have a friendly dog for her to rough-house with or a person who will spend a lot of time playing with her - and teach her things like agility or Frisby....activities to burn off 
excess Cattle Dog energy.

Adi will need harness training for going out on walks.
Cattle Dogs like to come up behind you and nip at your heels...and Adi is no different, although she is learning "NO!" Since she has 3 legs, she cannot jump up on furniture or on you, so she will lay down on her back in front of your feet to get attention and the belly rubs she loves.

Adi will need a fenced yard and she knows how to use a dog door. 
She is spayed, micro chipped and up to date with shots.

                                                 Puppy 2                                                Puppy 3   - adoption pending                                                          Puppy 4

Mommy Thelma

LOLA - Lola is one of the rare kitties we take into our program. She came from Pinal animal control several months ago where she became sick with an upper respiratory illness. Today she is healthy and ready for her forever home!

She is a lovely three year old who is good with other cats and cat-friendly dogs. She has even lived with a mini-horse!  Lola is a very clean kitty who requires her box be cleaned a few times daily to keep her happy.

Lola will arrive spayed and up to date with all her shots.

Could you be the loving home she is looking for?

LOLA is in FOSTER CARE. Please call MAGGIE 602-451-3312 to learn more about sweet Lola.

HENRY: Henry is a lover. He is very small for a heeler - under 25 pounds. Henry is a one year old Red merle Cattle dog.Henry has limited vision (10 -15%) in his left eye and none in his right. Henry was seen by a Veterinary specialist and we know that as he ages he most likely will lose all vision, but since he can hear perfectly, and uses his nose like all dogs, Henry will do just fine!!!.  

His coloration and eye problems are caused by breeding a merle to a merle dog when breeders are hoping for specific coloration. He is known as a "double merle" or "lethal white" caused by this horrific breeding. 

​Henry is a toy loving, housebroken and non-destructive boy. Since most of our dogs on site are seniors and other special needs, being young and rambunctious makes some of the older grouchy dogs angry with him. 

Henry does well with young playful dogs, particularly females.

He is smart, eager to please and loves being rubbed and loved upon. With a harness, he would love to go on walks and hiking. 

GIGI - ​Gigi is a cute little Chihuahua approximately three years old. When she arrived from Pinal, everyone thought she was pregnant...but in fact she was just a bit overweight. Several months later, given activity and exersize she is down to a good normal weight!

Gigi is the life of the party! She loves her humans as well as other dogs and cats. She loves to snuggle and can watch TV with you for hours. 

Gigi is house broken, kennel trained, spayed and up to date with her shots. She does the cutest thing at night: she pulls her covers over herself in her crate at night!! I am sure she would love to bury herself in your bed with you...

Are you looking for a love-bug like Gigi??

​She is in FOSTER CARE with MAGGIE so please call 602-451-3312 for more information.

Cochise Canine Rescue is located in Southern Arizona. We adopt throughout the state of AZ

Donate today so we can help more dogs until we can find then their FOREVER homes!!!

Want more information on any of Cochise Canine's dogs?

Call 520-212-1718 or go to our Contact Us page and send us an email.

​MISSY MOO - Missy is a 6 year old Pomeranian mix. 

She currently has Valley Fever (which is being

treated.) Missy would love a home with one or two other small dogs.

Missy is spunky and playful, and a bit of an escape artist so good fencing and gates are a must.  

Missy also very loving and would be delighted to sit on your lap all day and sleep in your bed at night. Could YOU be the home for Missy??

Note: Missy is soon to be retested. She will be available when her health is cleared!

Cochise Canine's Adoptable Dogs- While not all our dogs are adoptable due to chronic illness or age, we are delighted to place dogs in the great homes we have found! Here are the dogs currently available for adoption. Please note that some are "SP" or "Special Needs"  but all these wonderful animals will do great in a home environment!

ALL CCR dogs are spay/neutered, and UTD with inoculations