Barry                                                                                                                Blossom

​All Five Pups Have Been Adopted!


THELMA and her PUPPIES - Thelma and her four babies were rescued from Pinal county pound. We believe the babies were born on New Years Day 2017. The puppies are estimated to be 15 lbs or less full grown.

​Thelma was on the street for a while, possibly abused, and is a bit skittish. She will need a patient and kind person to work with her.

Thelma and her babies are in foster care PLEASE CALL MAGGIE at 602-451-3312 to get more information and/or meet these dogs!

Puppy 1 is not longer available so her picture has been removed.

Puppy 2 is a girl with very long legs. She is outgoing and loved to be petted. ALthough she will be tall, she will not exceed 15 lbs.

Puppy 3 is a girl. She is the first to do everything and the most outspoken. I little pistol!!!

Puppy 4 is the only boy. He is a chunky little one who loves to be held. Definitely a follower!



These puppies were born on June 21st 2019. They were turned in with their mom at 24 hours of age by a long distance trucker. They are now weaned and ready to find for-ever homes. They were raised at our location in SoAZ but now these five babies are up in Phoenix with Foster Mom Maggie. There is an application process, reference checks and home check. Please call Maggie to meet the babies.


        Ruby                                                                             Violet                                                                                             Turk

                                                 Puppy 2                                                Puppy 3   - adoption pending                                                          Puppy 4

Mommy Thelma

LOLA - Lola is one of the rare kitties we take into our program. She came from Pinal animal control several months ago where she became sick with an upper respiratory illness. Today she is healthy and ready for her forever home!

She is a lovely three year old who is good with other cats and cat-friendly dogs. She has even lived with a mini-horse!  Lola is a very clean kitty who requires her box be cleaned a few times daily to keep her happy.

Lola will arrive spayed and up to date with all her shots.

Could you be the loving home she is looking for?

LOLA is in FOSTER CARE. Please call MAGGIE 602-451-3312 to learn more about sweet Lola.

GIGI - ​Gigi is a cute little Chihuahua approximately three years old. When she arrived from Pinal, everyone thought she was pregnant...but in fact she was just a bit overweight. Several months later, given activity and exersize she is down to a good normal weight!

Gigi is the life of the party! She loves her humans as well as other dogs and cats. She loves to snuggle and can watch TV with you for hours. 

Gigi is house broken, kennel trained, spayed and up to date with her shots. She does the cutest thing at night: she pulls her covers over herself in her crate at night!! I am sure she would love to bury herself in your bed with you...

Are you looking for a love-bug like Gigi??

​She is in FOSTER CARE with MAGGIE so please call 602-451-3312 for more information.

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