Cochise Canine Rescue is located in Southern Arizona. We adopt throughout the state of AZ

We have the time, the expertise and the will to create ... but we need YOU.

Cochise Canine Rescue Dreams of Building a Sanctuary in SoAZ. Can YOU help?

Do you or your corporation want to work with CCR to make this safe haven a reality for the animals in need?

We at Cochise Canine have watched and worked with the incredible Rescue community in Arizona, laboring around the clock to save animals at the high kill facilities. Arizona pounds have some of the highest kill-rates in the United States.

While the people running municipal pounds and local humane societies are incredibly dedicated and hard-working, the funds, the manpower, the space...just isn't there to save the lives of frightened, abandoned animals in need of saving.

This is where you and CCR come in...

Rescue heart breaking work, but incredibly important and needed. 

Foster homes are full to overflowing.

Rescuers capable of caring for 10 dogs have 20 in their homes.

Kitten and puppy season finds rescues without bottle feeders.

A Center, a Sanctuary, an education and adoption facility is desperately needed to help the animals and help those who care for them.

This is where you come in....We are establishing a Building Fund to create a larger facility, a life-care and adoption center, to help an increasing number of animals find safe haven.

For many years now Cochise Canine Rescue has acknowledged the fact that the majority of the dogs/animals in our care are elderly or "special needs." As such CCR is as much a Sanctuary (ie "life care facility") as a Rescue and Adoption program. Although we will help all animals in need, CCR will be especially focused on handicapped or elderly animals....the very animals we all will be leaving behind as we age and can no longer care for the animals we love.

Cochise Canine Rescue is aware of the aging Baby Boomer population. Every day we hear about someone whose animals were left behind when they went into a Nursing home, or taken to a municipal pound when the family didn't want their dogs or cats. But we are limited by space, limited by the resources to help as many as we want to help.

What will happen to YOUR animals if the unspoken - injury, illness, death, befalls you? Where will your beloved older animal go?

While many organizations are able to place young dogs and healthy dogs and cats, it is the dogs and cats, all too much like the animals currently in our homes, who are left behind.The oness with the fewest options are the dogs and cats over the age of 5 years, the least wanted by adopters, but much loved and well cared for animals whose owners have died or gone into nursing homes live their last days in fear surrounded by hard concrete walls and the noise of despair.

Call us to help us build before it is too late....and to discuss trusts and estate planning for your beloved animals.

Cochise Canine Rescue is reaching out and seeking a minimum of 24 donated acres to be donated to develop a Sanctuary for dogs and other animals in Southern Arizona.

Preferably the land would be located in Cochise county for simple logistics. This is where we are. this is where we know builders, electricians, plumbers and more. This is where we are located so travel is easier. Please note that the reason that 24 acres is requested: this is Cochise County Planning and Zoning's minimum amount of acreage to develop as an Animal Sanctuary.  (We were generously offered 40 acres in northern AZ, but the logistics made the offer impossible to accept.)

Do you have land you are not using somewhere in Southern Arizona? A corner of a large ranch perhaps? The animals need your help!

We have a comprehensive 5 year plan and the expertise to make this work!

Sybil Erden, co-founder of CCR, is the founder and was the long-time Director at The Oasis Sanctuary, the country's first life-care facility for exotic birds. She brought that sanctuary from her backyard with 65 birds and a budget of $20,000 a year of her own funds, to an internationally recognized facility on 73 acres fully paid for and owned by the organization, with paid staff, housing, and over 600 birds, bringing in $650,000 a year during her twelve year tenure.

Her knowledge, learned during a lifetime of work in the non-profit and animal welfare world will help Cochise Canine Rescue establishe a state-of-the-art facility for the animals and caregivers of Arizona.

Let's work together to make this happen.

Please contact Sybil or Jeff and let's talk! Call us at 520-212-1718 

Building A Sanctuary

in Southern Arizona