What your Dollars buy:

$10 a month purchases food for one Chihuahua

$ 20 a month purchases laundry detergent and cleaning supplies

$ 40 a month purchases food for one large dog

$ 50 a month purchases medication for one senior dog

$ 70 purchases a months supply of pee-pads for the smaller & elder dogs

$ $100 a month covers one Valley Fever Dog in his/her recovery

SPONSORSHIP of a DOG starts at $50 a month. If you can help with a "special needs" dog, the costs will include all or part of their medical care and will therefore be more expensive. Call us to talk about a dog you want to help! You will receive a PICTURE of YOUR dog and regular UPDATES on how he/she is doing.

Duchess, a 3 pound Chihuahua, is estimated by our Vet to be at least 15 years old when she arrived. She was found wandering the streets of Phoenix. Picked up by a "Good Samaritan" she was transported to CCR in 2014.

Duchess's system was shutting down from starvation. Near death, it took months of hand-feeding and multiple several-times daily medications to get her back on her feet. Today she needs to be carefully monitored, but, with her special diet of hand cooked foods, she is doing very well.

Update: Sept 3rd 2015- Duchess, who always had vision problems, appears to have gone blind...but other than the loss of more sision, is eating and doing very well!

A SPECIAL THANKS to PACC911's "Lulu's Funds" who helped provide initial medical care for Duchess.

SPONSOR: John Molina

Won't you consider sponsoring a dog like Bina?

Cochise Canine Rescue is located in Southern Arizona. We adopt throughout the state of AZ


Please...Wont you help us care for more needy and deserving dogs like Duchess  by making a donation of any size today??

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MAIL: Please use our PO box for all mail and small packages.

Cochise Canine Rescue

PO Box 87

Pomerene AZ 85627

UPS and FED-EX: Ship to the following street address: (NOTE: CCR is NOT open to the public without an appointment!!)

Cochise Canine Rescue

5420 N. Teran Road

Benson AZ 85602

Ways you can help the Dogs of Cochise Canine Rescue

Buy a Gift Card!!

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Costco- This is where we buy a lot of our dog food and cleaning supplies.

PetSmart- A favorite "find anywhere" pat food supplier.

Petco - Another place we stock up on dog food and supplies.


These are things we need on an ongoing basis...if a one time need, the item will be removed when received.

CASH. We always need cash donations.

We need to purchase food...LOTS of high quality food and treats.

We need cash for the Medical Fund. We have at least one-third of our animals on daily medications!

The number one thing we ALWAYS need is CASH so please make a donation in any amount TODAY!

Land!Click on the word Land to be taken to our page which will tell you about our plans and the need for a larger facility in Arizona....

Daily needs:

Bath-sized towels...never can have too many!

Bath mats...the medium to large sized cotton rugs with rubber backing. Since we have tile floors, the dogs like to sleep and nap on these and they are easily machine washed as needed.

Pee Pads for puppies and small dogs

Heavy duty dog toys for the big guys

Dog Harnesses and Collars...every size

Dog Beds of all sorts

Kennels and carriers for emergency moving of animals


See a dog (or other CCR animal) in Sanctuary or Hospice care that you would like to help? Consider Sponsoring that wonderful and deserving animal.

You can provide a "full sponsorship" or a "partial" sponsorship. Call us at 520-212-1718 to discuss how you would like to help the dog of your choice!