Cochise Canine Rescue is located in Southern Arizona. We adopt throughout the state of AZ

Did you know:  50 to 100 years ago Pit Bulls were considered the BEST children's Babysitters

due to their loyal and sweet natures?

Today Pit Bulls are the Number One EUTHANIZED dog at pounds across the country.

Many "shelters" euthanize 80% of the bully and pit type dogs that enter their doors.

Many communities have Breed Specific Laws (BSL) that make keeping Pittys and Pit-type dogs ILLEGAL.

Pit Bull dogs are SMART, sensitive animals who need early socialization and training.

They are among the most loving of companion canines!

Franny the Pit Bull is hearing impaired. She is a loving "aunty" to many of our smaller dogs as well  as to some of our elderly and handicapped animals.

SPONSORED by F. Smiderly

Angus is looking for sponsorship. Call us to find out what you can do for Angus.

Cochise Canine Rescue’s Mission is to

1- Save the lives of Southern and Central Arizona dogs on euthanasia lists (“e-lists.“) at county and city pounds and shelters. CCR works extensively with numerous bone fide rescue groups throughout Arizona to get at risk dogs to safety at their facilities or into foster homes.
2- Find safe, stable, loving homes for the adoptable dogs CCR takes in.
3- Provide life-care (sanctuary and hospice) for dogs who are elderly, emotionally unstable or who have serious medical conditions.
4- Provide safety net for the dogs of people who have died or become too ill to care for them, as well as dogs abandoned in houses and apartments or found abandoned on the street.
5- When overwhelming need to save a life is presented, CCR will take in other species of animals, in particular cats and farmed animals, and as appropriate find adoptive homes or provide the animals with life-care.