Bittie, a tan 5-6 year old (mostly) Chihuahua has been with ushere at Cochise Canine for quite a while…long enough to become “best friends” with Billy, the dog who had a leg amputated due to Osteo Sarcoma in February 2015.

Since Bittie and Billy became so close, sleeping together, snuggling, we opted not to adopt her out until after Billy passed. He was “supposed” to live 6-7 months post-surgery, but of course Billy did not know he had a time deadline and now 17 months (!!!) after his surgery he is happy, apparently healthy and cancer free. The two little dogs have become inseparable.

    Bittie relaxing with Billy July 2016

Bittie who always has been happy, healthy and a feisty little pistol now has leg issues of her own requiring immediate surgery.

While trying to jump up onto a slippery bench, she fell, and unbeknown to us – or our Vet – she ruptured one of her Cruciate Ligaments. This will not heal on its own, but requires surgery to repair and enable her to have a pain free life.

While waiting for what we all thought was a bruise to heal (she was on anti-inflammatory drugs) she continued to run and play, lifting the injured leg…until she managed to rupture the second rear leg’s ligament!!

X rays were taken Friday July 22nd and the ruptures were confirmed…as well as the discovery of three large bladder stones which could eventually cause urinary blockage.

Our regular Veterinarian, sadly, does not do Cruciate ligament surgery. We began looking for a Vet to help us, as a non-profit, by performing the surgery at an affordable discounted rate.. The cost for these surgeries usually costs over three thousand dollars, but thanks to the wonderful people at Gentle Care Animal Hospital in Tempe AZ they will provide Bittie with all three of the surgeries she needs for $1300!

We have scheduled the first of Bittie’s surgeries for Tuesday morning August ninth. However we still need to raise funds for Bittie….our Medical Fund is quite depleted.

As you may remember, Adi had her leg amputated two weeks ago ( July 15th) and before that Bina, our lovely feral girl, required medical care as well. Both Bina and Adi will need to be spayed within the next few months, as soon as they recover from their own ordeals…so the funds donated specifically to them will need to be set aside for those two spays.

So we ask you today to help us help little Bittie.

Help her get out of pain.

Help her have a comfortable life.

Help us help her as soon as possible!


Bittie - July 21 2016