Information about this deadly disease and how to protect your dog

Leptospirosis is a deadly disease...and it is now here in Arizona...

Thankfully, none of CCR's dogs are ill, but there have been diagnosed cases of "Lepto" within a few miles of our property which means this terrifying and deadly disease is close to home.

Lepto is a bacterial infection which is spread primarily thru urine. It is spread from wild life and rodents to dogs and the bacteria can be found in stagnant ground water. It is a bacteria which enters the dog primarily thru nasal or oral tissues. The bacteria then spreads through the system, carried in the dog's blood, to liver, kidneys, and other organs which it infiltrates, grows and can cause major damage to the organs. Young dogs are particularly hard hit, but ALL dogs can get this horrific illness.

The symptoms are varied but the dog is seriously sick. Lethargy, anorexia, vomiting, diarrhea, jaundice, bloody urine...these and more are symptoms connected with Leptospirosis.

Lepto is a "zoonotic" disease which means that can also be spread from a sick dog to human caregiver through urine.

It is highly recommended by one of our Vets, Dr. Brett Cordes who treated dogs in the Scottsdale Lepto outbreak last year, that the Lepto vaccine be given to each dog along with their normal inoculations immediately. While we had never given this inoculation, now that the disease has arrived in AZ, we are are going to be providing it to all of our dogs. 

Two shots are needed the first year, two weeks apart to no more than three weeks apart, followed by a single inoculation booster every year. 

Unlike other vaccinations which can last a number of years and provide coverage, the Lepto shot MUST be given annually.

While many of the 5-in-one vaccines do not have the Lepto vaccine included, there are 5-plus-4 vaccines which do carry the inoculation for the four most common forms of Leptospirosis.
If you prefer, there are products available which only have the Lepto inoculation, which makes sense if your dog was recently inoculated for other diseases and you do not what to "over inoculate."
Inoculating your dog is the best chance of him remaining well.

There are a few links below that will take you to good sources of information on this deadly but usually treatable disease. 

Keep in mind: this is a very serious disease which is very costly to treat as it normally requires hospitalization of sick animals.

​Since this is a zoonotic disease here are a few links about Lepto spreading to humans. While it normally comes from rodents and wildlife information is our greatest defense.

More general information:

In many states including Arizona you can give all inoculations other than Rabies yourself. Check with your Veterinarian to find out whether you can give inoculations in your state.

​There are a lot of sites that can teach you how to give your dog her shots.

This is a link with lots of pictures!


There are numerous types of Leptospiros vaccines, as well as all other vaccines, available on line or through your Vet. Most on-line animal pharmacies carry the same or similar brands, and you should not need a prescription for this or other annual inoculations. (This "may" vary by state...)


Above are just a couple of examples of inoculations which include the Leptospirosis vaccine....

Keep in mind your dogs are counting on you for their health and well being!!
We have just ordered the necessary vaccines for the dogs at Cochise Canine Rescue (Memorial Day weekend 2017). With 32 dogs in residence this is not an inexpensive undertaking, but it can help the dogs stay safe...and is certainly less costly to inoculate all the dogs than have to treat even one for the disease!!!

We are purchasing enough vaccine to inoculate each dog twice...and have a few left for any incoming dogs this year.

Won't you Help Us Help Them with a donation in any amount to their Medical Fund today?