Daily Dog Stuff ​- Daily Dog Stuff is a good site for general dog information. Linked here is a wonderful article on Dog First Aid....

CODY's Friends in Tucson and RESCUE Bank, nationally, are organizations FOR RESCUE NON_PROFITS only that provide dogs and cat food. If you run a rescue in Arizona, contact Cody's Friends and if you run a rescue nationally contact Rescue Bank to see whether there is an outlet in your area.

Having a hard time finding a pet-friendly place to live in Arizona??

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Chewy's - Chewy's is a low-cost wonderful means of ordering your dog and cat supplies on line. We highly recommend them! T hey have everything from low cost commercial foods to high-end grain free products and every type of treat imaginable!

This wonderful site which tells adopters and dog owners how to keep dogs safe at home was found by some amazing kids taking a summer school program in Animal Health and Safety....This is the way to insure the next generation loves animals and properly cares for them.

Thank you Sarah and Evan, and their teacher Ruby Cortes.

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The Advantages of Senior Living with Pets:

NOTE: These companies/organizations are listed alphabetically...not by how much we like them! They would not be on this list if we did not think they are GREAT!

4KNines- 4KNines makes the best seat cover protection we have round. a portion of their profits go to support various dog-rescues. We have their "Bucket Seat" covers for both of our vehicles (bought two more after getting the first two...as well as the bench seat cover for the back of our car. Family run business and great to deal with!!!

Adopt-A-Pet - Another wonderful companion animal adoption site. Adopt A Pet helps find forever homes for all sorts of animals, including ours!!

Shop for Your Cause --- Sign up thru the link when you click on the name, and at no cost to you, you will be able to provide CCR with 2-6% of your expenditure to the animals we all love!!!

Cochise Canine Rescue is located in Southern Arizona. We adopt throughout the state of AZ

Rincon Vista Veterinary Center- We have recently begun working with Dr. Auburn Heist at Rincon Vista Vet on 22nd and Pantano in Tucson. Dr. Heist is lovely, compassionate and accomplished. She has a full spectrum practice which includes, in addition to the normal medical care ie, spay/neuters, dentistry surgery and lab work...Rincon provides Acupuncture and Cold Laser pain treatment for animals. She is a great supporter of Rescue and has been amazing providing CCR with high value for very reasonable cost!

Please Donate Today!No amount is too small and every dollar goes to the animals at CCR!!

Are you a companion animal caregiver (NOT a rescue) in need of emergency funds of a grant for Spay Neuter or other non-emergency Medical care?

Go to  In Memory of Magic and review their application.They provide funds for Spay neuter only.Note: They also have some links to other organizations that may provide you with assistance.

The Pet Fund can help with other non-critical or emergency medical help as well. Follow their instructions!

Valley Fever Center of Excellence -University of Arizona - Dr. Lisa Shubitz is the nation's foremost researcher into Valley Fever, particularly in dogs. They are a wonderful source of information.

There also are a few Valley Fever sites on Facebook such ashttps://www.facebook.com/ValleyFeverCenterArizona and Valley Fever Pets

National Anti-Vivisection Society - They have educated the public and changed the lives of animals suffering in the name of "science"...Extraordinary group. Also give "Sanctuary Grants" tp prganization helping animals with major medical problems. CCR is most honored to have received one of these grants from NAVS.

Every dollar counts...Won't you help us help the Animals at Cochise Canine Rescue???

GoodRX- Good RX.com is a real and literal lifesaver. If you need human medicines or human medicines for your animals, go to their website, enter your zip code or city...the medicine you are looking for and they will pop up a list of places and prices from lowest to highest. I find that, depending on the medication, I can often save 30-60 percent over even on-line prices on certain medications. And I price-shop like crazy! Be sure to call the store first to make sure they will accept the coupon as some places won't even if the website says they will...go figger.

Maxi's Taxi- Tim Davis, the owner/driver is a dog lover and runs a very nice service. It is hard to miss his bright yellow air conditioned van! . Located in the Phoenix Metro area he will drive throughout Arizona to get rescue dogs...or your pet...to safety or a new home. Call Tim at 602-903-6385

Empty Bowl Pet Food Pantry - Empty Bowl, located in the Phoenix area, has helped supply the dogs of Cochise Canine Rescue with a substantial amount of the food we have been feeding since January 2015. C.J., the lady who runs the program, and her group of hard working Volunteers, provide food for animals in Emergencies like fires or floods throughout Arizona, and help a large number of the animal rescue groups supplement the feeding of the animals in their care. They are a wonderful group of people. A BIG THANKS for their help!

Petfinder - I cannot say enough good things about Petfinder. If you are looking for a dog, cat or bird...or just about any other type of companion animal...this is one of the best and most important places to start and to adopt from. Spend time on this site and see what you can find. Definitely worth your time and you will help save lives! CCR lists on Petfinder and have found many of the wonderful homes we place dogs in through this site.

American Sanctuary Association - The American Sanctuary Association ("ASA") is one of the two Sanctuary accreditation organizations for animal sanctuaries and animal welfare organizations in the US. Cochise Canine Rescue is proud to be an accredited member.  Sybil Erden, co-founder of Cochise Canine, has sat on ASA's board of directors for the better part of a decade. Cochise Canine Rescue has applied for membership in ASA and expects to be accredited shortly.

One does not need to be a full-blown Sanctuary (life-care only) to join ASA...just provide life-care for companion animals they cannot place. Exotics cannot be re-homed...but animals like cats, dogs, rabbits and some reptiles can. For more information about ASA please visit the website...and if you are a Rescue, please consider joining us!

Pound Wishes- Pound Wishes is a wonderful site to list injured or sick animals in need of funds from the public. Like most social fundraising sites, some people do well and others get little. One of our dogs, Billy, tugged at the heartstrings of donors...while Carmen still has to raise funds on their site. It is still a great site with wonderful people and certainly worth looking at, whether you are a donor or a rescue!

PACC911- Phoenix Animal Care Coalition (PACC911) is a wonderful umbrella organization which brings together over one hundred cat and dog rescue groups and shelters throughout Arizona in order to help an ever greater number of animals. While the majority of these groups are located in the Phoenix metro area, CCR is the furthest south rescue (located in far Southern AZ) and other groups are in the White Mountains and Prescott areas (Northern AZ.)

PACC has Emergency Medical Funds available to assist Members cope with the medical emergencies they might encounter. Lulu's Fund grants help Members get injured,and elderly animals out of shelters and pounds, animals which would most likely be destroyed due to the costs involved with their immediate care.

Cochise Canine Rescue is a proud PACC911 member and a number of our dogs have benefited from PACC's largess, thru both Emergency Medical funds and Lulu's Fund grants in 2014 and 2015.

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