Cochise Canine Rescue is located in Southern Arizona. We adopt throughout the state of AZ.

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What are the most common reasons people give up their companion animals?

Many will sound obvious and silly...but here are just a few we have heard WAY too often...

1 - Moving and new landlord won't allow pets (Live elsewhere...there ARE other apartments!)

2 - New job...won't have time.(You had time with the old job but not with the new one?)

3 - New significant other doesn't like animal.(Distrust anyone who says they love you but wants you to give up anyone or anything you love...)

4 - Your animal doesn't like new significant other. (Says something if your companion animal doesn't like someone. LISTEN....)

5 - Having a baby (Your companion animals are your family too. And kids raised with pets are healthier. Proven fact.)

6 - Puppy is being destructive ( is a PUPPY. Take him to training classes...spend more time with her. They will outgrow this with guidance.)

7 - Animal is having accidents in the house. (Train him! Take her for walks. Install a doggy door.)

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Did you know: The average age of a dog at  "shelters" and pounds is only

TWO years old???

Save the life of a YOUNGSTER today!!

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