Sadly, little Princess, who also had been going blind for the past year, also needed enucleation. She began developing glaucoma, which is a very painful swelling of the eyes which ultimately leads to total blindness.

We are delighted to say that both girls are now doing very well.

CCR takes in as many of the most unadoptable dogs on the state's euthanasia lists as we can provide appropriate care for.

Currently we medicate 18+ animals twice a day, taking over 2 hours every morning and another hour at nightto do this! We also provide 

prescription diets for a growing number of our dogs. 

CCR is home to 2 three-legged dogs, another missing her foot due to cruelty and abuse, four blind dogs and another partially sighted only in one eye. We care for four totally toothless seniors including a few with broken or missing jaws. Others are missing the majority of their teeth.

Spring 2021, we have FOUR dogs with Valley Fever, the debilitating and expensive  fungal infection who may be in medication for their lifetimes.

Only with YOUR help can we provide for these Special Needs animals.

​Your donation in any amount helps THEM.

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Warning: This goes to a VERY GRAPHIC site. Not for young or sensitive persons.

Facing Covid 19

What we are doing at CCR:

We are following the CDC's advice of having certain supplies on hand: food for the resident animals and ourselves, cleaning supplies and puppy pads, paper towels and more. Cochise Canine Rescue has stocked up on at least a month's worth of all the food and treats for the animals as well as having an additional month or more worth of medications for the 20+ animals wh are receiving daily medications.... 

Sadly, we are having to purchase more foods than normal as Rescue Bank's Tucson subsidiary Cody's Friends, has not been receiving as much donated product as in years past. We are spending over $1000 a month more than previously to provide the necessary foods the animals in CCR's care need. Over the two past years we have thousands of dollars annually over our regular expenditures insuring all the animals will have what they need. 

We are still in semi-quarantine to insure we will not bring the virus in and can continue to provide the animals with the care they require. In other words, unless absolutely essential we are not allowing people on the property.

Further, CCR still will NOT have our annual musical fundraiser until the country is healthy once again.

Shop thru Giving Assistant (button below) and a percentage of your purchase will go directly to CCR - at NO cost to you! 

Just about EVERY store on line that you can think of is linked to Giving Assistant.

SIGN UP today and help the animals we all love!

Cochise Canine Rescue Specializes in Saving Senior, Handicapped and "Special Needs" animals from Euthanasia  throughout Arizona.

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Thank you to all our Friends who Reviewed Cochise Canine Rescue for making us 

a 2021 Top-Rated Non-profit!!!!

Inoculations are available!

A Few of CCR's Dogs and Other Critters

We THANK Rescue Bank, thru Tucson Affiliate "Cody's Friends," for providing us with dog and cat food, treats and other needed supplies!

​We could not care for this many animals without them.

Note: We respect your privacy and will NEVER sell or trade your e-mail address or other information!

On January 19 2022 Cochise Canine Rescued Nikki from Euthanasia!

Nikki has EXTREME Valley Fever and was on the Euthanasia list at Maricopa Animal Control because she is unadoptable.

Nikki had been dumped at the Maricopa (Phoenix) pound by people who had adopted her last May KNOWING she had Valley Fever – the endemic fungal disease, which left untreated can kill dogs. They never took Nikki to a Veterinarian, nor did they supply her with the costly but needed antifungal drug Fluconazole.

Read more about Nikki:  

Two of our senior Chihuahuas, Bark Bark and Princess, had to have eye enucleation (removal) in January and February 2021.

Above is Bark Bark. She has been with us for 6 years. She arrived blind and toothless. In order to keep her from getting Glaucoma, she was seen regualrly by Eye Care for Animals in Tucson and had several types of eye medications which ad to be put in her eyes daily to every-other-day. But this past winter, one of her eyes began to have a bloodly discharge seeping from it. As a result, she needed enucleation.

Barkie ended up requiring two surgeries when one of the eye sockets did not heal properly. But she has healed well now and is doing great.

It is that time of year again.....

Cochise Canine Rescue is a

100% Volunteer run organization. EVERY PENNY donated goes directly to the CARE of the ANIMALS!

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Donations are down as people focus on an uncertain future. More than ever, the animals in residence at CCR continue to need your help to provide the medical and daily care.

"A Year and a Half ​With Bina"

2017 update

Cochise Canine Rescue is working with the manufacturers of Kurunda Beds to get vastly discounted beds for the Dogs and Kitties here at CCR. Please got to our page at Kurunda by using the button below.

​The animals here will really appreciate your help getting a new, wonderful bed!


PO Box 87 ~ Pomerene AZ  85627 ~ phone: 520-212-1718

Please: Consider making a small monthly donation to CCR...the Animals appreciate your support!

Every year close to 6 million cats and dogs enter the doors of "shelters" and municipal pounds in this country.

Many people do not realize that 40-60% of these animals will never leave alive....


Support your local rescues.

Help us save lives by adopting your new best friend.

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An artist named Mark Barone created an incredible art project of 5500 portraits of dogs representing the number of dogs killed in ONE DAY in the US. To view the video called AN ACT OF DOG please click below. It is AMAZING and worthwhile... 

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