Caring for your new puppy…

Although you may already know most of this, please read to refamiliarize yourself with general information about puppies and specifics for your new puppy.

Puppies will cry miserably for a day or two. They have never been away from their siblings and often their mom. This is normal. Give your pup a lot of attention during this transition time…perhaps even a hot water bottle (covered with a towel) at night. Do not use a heating pad as they will chew on the wire!

Get a HARNESS and leash to train you dog to walk with you.Collars will pull on the pup's throat too much. You can put a collar on to hold tags....

Puppies need a series of "puppy shots" known as DHLPPC 

First vaccination: 6-8 weeks 
Second vaccination: 10-12 weeks
Third vaccination: 14-16 weeks

Note:a fourth shot should be done at 16 weeks if the others are done earlier.
Booster shots: 12 months

First vaccination: 16 weeks when s/he gets the last puppy shot
Booster shots: 12 months, every 36 months thereafter


PARVO and DISTEMPTER are DEADLY and are everywhere. Puppies are not protected until after the third shot!!! Parvo is passed by stool and can stay in the environment and dirt up to 3+ years!!!

Do Not allow your dogs in dog parks, or to walk where other dogs walk (PetSmart, Petco etc.) until after the third shot. When you take them to a pet store to buy toys, a harness etc., put them on a towel IN the BASKET in a shopping cart to keep them safe!


At home:
Puppies need to have a safe space without carpeting to play in. Get a baby gate and keep your pup in a kitchen or similar area if you need to go out. If you can purchase and create a pen 4X4 feet (preferably 3 feet tall) with towels on the floor, that will enable you to control where you little ones does his/her business when you are not around. A pen is much better for keeping puppies than a crate as they have room to run around and can do their business without having to sit or lay in it.

Puppies need toys. Youngsters really like stuffed animals and smaller rope toys. Get some washable toys for your baby. You can even go to a thrift store and get soft human-baby toys and they will work great!  If they do open up a toy, please discard as they can ingest the stuffing or squeaker.

Chewy’s is also a great source for toys and beds and everything “dog” or puppy related., They have really fine pricing and we buy almost everything we need thru them. They also have great Customer Service.


FEEDING: We have given puppies in our care AMERICAN JOURNEY Puppy food (Lamb and Sweet Potato) available online thru CHEWY. American Journey makes really good food and they have not had any stomach upset or diarrhea with this food. 

I put a small amount of water in a low bowl, add enough dog food to be barely covered by the water, and place this bowl in the refrigerator for several hours until the water is absorbed and the food is moist and semi-firm.  Any food not used at a meal should go back in the fridge. It will be good for about 24 hours.

Try to weigh your puppy on a baby scale once a week to make sure s/he is gaining weight. A healthy puppy is a bit chubby.

Make sure they always have fresh water. A water dispenser is much safer and more stable than a bowl that the pup will walk into.

Water “fountain”  This comes in various sizes and colors…a one or two gallon is adequate! Petsmart and Petco also have these too.

Microchips: Always Microchip your dogs but if the pup gets lost, the chip will not get him back to you unless you REGISTER the chip. It generally costs $19 a year to register. Go to to register your new sweetheart! IF you get a dog from us, Cochise Canine is also registered to the dog so we will always be contacted too. Keep us updated with your address and phone number and we will of course notify you if we are ever called about your lost dog!

Just a few but certainly not all of the DANGERS puppies face: Take care with:

Electric cords…they WILL chew on them and can electrocute themselves.

Plastic bags, Medications, cleaning supplies, any small items that fall on the floor. They will chew up and swallow almost anything at this age.

Furniture…they will chew on your furniture as they are teething and chew on EVERYTHING for the next few months. Now is the time to gently break them of this habit, so when you see this bad behavior, shove a toy in their mouth to give them the “right” thing to chew on. They will quickly (a few weeks?) learn what is expected.

Do not let a dog play with your shoes because it is cute at this age. Again, take away gently and give an appropriate toy. However expect to have anything you leave out “played” with until they have learned appropriate manners,


Below are some appropriate chew toys (NEVER give soft rubber or plastic toys! Even though they are sold at stores they are not safe!) Always get one size bigger than you think they need. Amazing how little dogs like bigger toys! (We prefer Nylabone brand chew toys for durability)


Housebreaking:  Take your baby out (in his/her harness and leash) into a safe (no other dogs) area a few times a day and give a treat and/or praise when they “go” outside. When you feed, immediately after they finish their meal take them out for 5-10 minutes they WILL “go.”

If you train your new puppy properly you will have a wonderful companion for the next decade or more! Remember – this baby is your new family member.

If you have issues or problems, please feel free to call us…whether next year or in ten years we are here to help you and your new family member.

If things ever change in the future and you cannot keep this baby (or in a few years, dog) let us know and we will take him/her back or help you find a safe and loving home/rescue for him/her.

A sad note: Please, under NO circumstances bring your dog to the pound. “Owner surrenders” are the FIRST to be euthanized…often the same day if the shelter is full. All too many dogs never leave the shelters. 6 million a year are killed simply due to homelessness no matter how nice, sweet or well-mannered the dog is. Type your paragraph here.