Woozel the Wonder Dog also known as Ricky (right) is Sybil's service dog and constant companion.

He was 4 hours from being euthanized when we found him. He has been with us for over seven years.

For some of our specialized or unusual and delicate surgery which out Vets in Tucson do not always feel comfortable performing, we have found Dr. Brett and his staff at Arizona Animal Hospital in North Scottsdale. His office is over 200 miles away from us, but Dr. Brett has saved a couple of our animals when no one else would work on them.

Dr. Brett is the newest Vet in our arsenal and we are delighted to be working with him.

​Our Fosters:  We have several (photo-shy) foster homes including Maggie, Kim and Skye.

We could use more to help more needy animals in crisis....

If you are interested, please call Sybil at 520-212-1718. 

Our large farmed animals are seen by Dr. Devin Karchner of Fame and Ranch Veterinary Service. You can contact them through their website:

Our Primary Veterinarian is Dr. Monika Knoblich at All Creatures Veterinary Services in Benson AZ. 

Dr. Monika, as we all call her, does full-service veterinary work and surgery. She is calm and caring with the animals she sees, focusing on the needs of the animal first and foremost

She and her staff are wonderful. You and the animals will enjoy your visit to All Creatures Veterinary Services!

Many of the animals here at CCR have eye issues. We take them to see Dr. Rueben Merrideth at Eye Care for Animals in Tucson. He is warm, caring and comprehensive.

For skin and allergy issues we use Dermatology for Animals in Tucson.

For after hours Emergency Care we take our dogs and cats to Southern Arizona Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Center ​in Tucson.Whether a Sunday or holiday afternoon, or 3 AM during the week, they have saved a number of CCR's suddenly-ill animals!

Dr. Elizabeth Hershey at IVO (Integrative Veterinary Oncology) in Phoenix was Mini's oncologist.

Dr. Hershey has helped many animals with cancer both in the rescue and in the pet community. She uses everything from holistic suppliments and diets to chemotherapies.. 

Even thought IVO is a three hour each way drive, we believe Mini (pictured) and all our animals deserve the very best care possible....

Cochise Canine Rescue is located in Southern Arizona. We adopt throughout the state of AZ

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Meet the Humans of Cochise Canine Rescue

Walter Merker DVM is one of CCRs Veterinarians.Walter works at Orange Grove Animal Hospital in NW Tucson.

Walter helped save Jasper when he was in critical condition. Walter is both skilled and  compassionate, a winning combination.

Vickie Goergen is Board Member at Large for Cochise Canine. Vickie helps find materials we need and also coordinates transportation. She generously provides transport of animals from pounds around Arizona to their new homes or rescues, not just CCR, all across the state.

Vickie and Sybil met 8 years ago when Sybil was raising funds to save Navajo dogs Opal and Jasper.. (more about Vickie to come. She is camera shy...will we ever find a picture???)

Sybil Erden, married to Jeff Robbins, is Co-Founder and Daily Operations and Rescue Coordinator at Cochise Canine. Her experience in the world of animal rescue includes founding The Oasis Sanctuary in 1997. She was Oasis CEO thru 2010 and sat on the board until March 2015.

Sybil sits on the board of the American Sanctuary Association.

Her life revolves around animals - all animals - and the people who care for them. Her other passions include creating art, writing and caring for the animals at CCR!

Jeff Robbins is the President and Co-Founder of Cochise Canine Rescue. Jeff is retired from the corporate world and is able to put all his efforts into his major loves: the dogs, his music and his wife.

Jeff's major job, after poop-scooping and feeding animals, is socializing the animals. Whether a dog, hen, lamb or kitty, Jeff enjoys loving on the animals and spoiling them.