Bear Bear - female Chihuahua age 5.5 -

hearing impaired, terrible teeth, occasional seizures        






Missy - female Chihuahua X Pomeranian age 3 yo Valley Fever, Fluconazole and allergy medications

Ethan - male Chihuahua age 10+- cataracts and ACL, collapsed trachea - Glucosamine, theophylline, seasonal allergy meds

Bobby - male Chihuahua X Min Pin age 5-6- SEVERE skin allergies, special poultry and grain free diet, cannot wear collars or harnesses - allergy med, theophylline

Bodhi - male White Shepherd - age 8 - mental deficit from high fevers as pup

Opal - female lab X pit age 5 - semi-feral Navaho dog, fearful, hides - MUST STAY WITH SON Jasper

Jasper - male lab X (Opal's son) age 3 - hip dysplaysia starting from medications to save his life as a pup - Glucosamine and allergy med

Franny - female Pitbull Terrier age 3 - hearing impaired (Sponsor: F. Smiderly)

Princess - female Chihuahua age 8- no teeth, seasonal allergy meds

Yazzi - female Golden Retriever X Aussie ? age 3 to 5 - blind and tremors (caused by early Distemper) - potential seizure disorder

Little Red Fox - Elderly chihuahua mix, no teeth, blind due  to inoperable cataracts. Daily eye drops and follow-up medical care to prevent glaucoma.

Henry the Second - young "lethal white" ie double Merle Cattle dog. Blind. Eye drops daily for comfort.

Hospice Care

Billy - male Chihuahua age 12+ bone cancer-

Previcox 1 X day, theophylline, seasonal allergy meds

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CCR has a number of Special Needs animals, animals requiring ongoing, often lifelong, medications and/or specialized diets. NOTE: A few of these less disabled are adoptable and are  on our Adoptable Dogs page.

A number of CCR dogs are in Hospice Care; very elderly animals or animals with terminal diseases. These Hospice Animals are generally on multiple medications for pain and or to make their conditions comfortable.

Cochise Canine Rescue is located in Southern Arizona. We adopt throughout the state of AZ.

Special Needs


Bear Bear