LadyBug - (right) female Chihuahua age 12 plus - 
sight impaired, no teeth, arthritis and neurological issues         





Missy - (above) female Chihuahua X Pomeranian age 7 yo Valley Fever, Fluconazole and allergy medications

Muppet - female Terrier mix - 8+ years - chronic and recurring Valley Fever - Itrakonazole and allergy medications

Harry - 7+ year old male Chi X Pomeranian - Valley Fever - Fluconazole and allergy medications

Ethan - male Chihuahua age 12+- cataracts and ACL, collapsed trachea, in heart failure - Daily heart medications, Glucosamine, theophylline, seasonal allergy meds

Bobby - male Chihuahua X Min Pin age 11+ - SEVERE skin allergies, special poultry and grain free diet, cannot wear collars or harnesses - allergy med, theophylline

Bodhi - male White Shepherd - age 15 - arthritis and general old age issues

Buddy Rich  aka "Spuds" - male Black and white Rat Terrier - 3 years old- front leg amputated due to long neglected complex break

Opal - female lab X pit age 9 years old - semi-feral Navaho dog, fearful, hides - MUST STAY WITH SON Jasper

Jasper - male lab X (Opal's son) age 7 - hip dysplaysia starting from medications to save his life as a pup - inability to digest proteins - Glucosamine and allergy meds, prescription diet, monthly Vit B injection

Franny - female Pitbull Terrier age 8 - hearing impaired (Sponsor: F. Smiderly)

Princess - female Chihuahua age 12 - no teeth, seasonal allergy meds

Yazzi - female Golden Retriever X Aussie ? age 8+ - blind and tremors (caused by early Distemper or blow to head) - potential seizure disorder.

Adi - 2.5 year old female Cattle dog - rear leg amputated due to neglected break

Feo - 13+ year old male Chihuahua - no teerth, missing bottom jaw entirely - special diet and allergy meds

Little Red Fox aka Barkie - 12+ -  Elderly chihuahua mix, no teeth, blind due  to inoperable cataracts. Daily eye drops and follow-up medical care to prevent glaucoma.

Bella - age 8 - 10 years Chihuahua - Dual inguinal (abdominal) hernias. Has had two unfortunately failed surgeries - needs speciaized diet care to be able to urinate.

Henry the Second - 3 years old - young "lethal white" ie double Merle Cattle dog. Blind. 

                Red aka Barkie                                                                              Henry                                                                               Bella

Hospice Care

Billy: age 14 years

Osteosarcoma, leg amputation ... it has been 4 years and to date Billy is surviving well!

Cochise Canine Rescue is located in Southern Arizona. We adopt throughout the state of AZ.

Special Needs




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CCR has a number of Special Needs animals, animals requiring ongoing, often lifelong, medications and/or specialized diets. NOTE: A few of these less disabled are adoptable and are  on our Adoptable Dogs page.

A number of CCR dogs are in Hospice Care; very elderly animals or animals with terminal diseases. These Hospice Animals are generally on multiple medications for pain and or to make their conditions comfortable.